php postgres issues

Rail mail railmail at
Wed Aug 18 09:45:17 PDT 2004

I am having issues with getting postgress extensions for php4

do you have to configure it via ports/compiling or can you get away
with with just pkg_dd -r

Iv'e tried

pkg_add -r apache
pkg_add -r mod_php4

and the ports way

cd /usr/ports/www/mod_php4
cd work/php-4.3.8
./configure --with-pgsql
cd ../../
make install

and variations of that
I also thought that I might have wanted something from
make config
//choose pgsql
make install

I havn't seemed to have any luck

the ol sys admin already set up httpd.conf

I was mucking around with php.ini trying to get it to use

what is the best direction to take
I'd like to stick to packages or ports 
I found tutorials on how to do it with rpms or tar.gz and do it by
hand, but freebsd has set up a nice system with ports and packages and
I would like to stick to that if I can

thanks for any help

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