multi-homing and pf; removing user with uid 0

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Tue Aug 17 14:34:48 PDT 2004

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This is somewhat of a multipart question and unrelated question.
Figured I would ask here since the host I have the box on isn't much
help with anything, and when they do help they want to charge up the
ass for it. I understand they need to make money too, but they end up
breaking shit and not helping than anything...So here goes nothing.

Right now I've got a /27 and I am attemtpting to add 5 addresses of
that adress block (ipv4) to the box as either seperate addreses (not
aliases to the primary interface) or seperate addresses bound to
sub-interfaces. So far I have been unsuccessful and the host told me
to use aliases. I also wish for these settings to stay after (re)boot.
Not to mention they say my firewall is the problem and they couldn't
get out to the internet from root console (im using pf and have the
rule of 'pass out all'.

Next thing, a second account just 'showed up' on the box with uid 0.

toor:*:0:0:Bourne-again Superuser:/root: - from /etc/master.passwd

I suspect it was techs from the host, but I want it off the machine.
How do I do this?


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