find -exec surprisingly slow

Pat Lashley patl at
Mon Aug 16 13:31:48 PDT 2004

--On Monday, August 16, 2004 21:37:13 +0930 "Paul A. Hoadley" <paulh at> wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 02:22:02PM -0700, Pat Lashley wrote:
>> Just FYI, Exim, with the ExiScan patches, can reject at SMTP time;
>> and also has a 'fakereject' capability which tells the sender that
>> the message has been rejected; but actually delivers it.
> Thanks for the info.  I have been thinking of changing MTAs for a
> while.

I've been using Exim for years now, and in several widly varying
installations.  I can heartily recommend it as solid, flexable,
and capable.  And the config file is actually pretty easy to read
even in complex or highly customized configurations.  (Unlike a
certain ancient but still inexplicably popular MTA...)  The FreeBSD
port automatically includes the semi-official ExiScan patchest
which adds the ability to do SpamAssassin and anti-virus scanning
while the SMTP connection is still open.

The Exim mailing list has a pretty high signal-to-noise ratio;
and the folks on it tend to be friendly and helpful.  And there's
very good on-line documentation at


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