How to increase scrollback for FreeBSD-4.10?

Mike addymin at
Mon Aug 16 06:54:43 PDT 2004


I have a FBSD-4.10 system that I log into using PuTTY (on a Win2K 
workstation).  I am able to set PuTTY's  scrollback to 1200 lines.

When I'm on the 4.10 box the scrollback is about 200 lines. If possible 
I'd like to set the  scroll back to 600 lines or so (at least).

Question: How do I increase the scrollback on 4.10?

Note: The video card on the 4.10 box is a Voodoo3-2000 (16 Mb) card.

I searched the FBSD mail archives going back to 2003 and could not find 
a single reference.  I also googled and could not turn up anything 
specific to FBSD.



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