Open Office?

Peter Risdon peter at
Wed Aug 11 03:19:01 PDT 2004

h.kriege wrote:
> Hi there,
> Will Open Offoice run on Free BSD?

Hi, yes there are several options in /usr/ports/editors

It's a huge compile, though, needs something like 3GB of hard drive and 
takes a while. Installing as a package is another option.

You also, IIRC, have to jump through Sun's java licensing hoops while 
installing. This involves (if you use the port - I've never installed as 
a package) waiting for the make install to fail with a message, going to 
Sun's website following instructions in that message, agreeing to their 
license, downloading a file to /usr/ports/distfiles and then repeating 
the process until complete: there are three or four files to download 
from Sun.

As was recently observed on this list, be very careful to get the right 
file from Sun. There are several available at every stage and they have 
similar names.


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