Gary Kline kline at
Tue Aug 10 16:53:03 PDT 2004


	This morning I cvsup's the -current src for my laptop.
	When I try to "config GENERIC", eithr directly or by typing
	make buildkernel, I get an error from /usr/sbin/config 
	that it is not in sync with the kernel.  I think it
	complains that it is 500012 where I need 500013.

	I tried cd'ing to /usr/sbin/config and doing a make
	install clean.  Stumbled into a lex error and the build
	quits.  Any thoughts on what to try next??  I'm
	doing a buildworld just in case buildkernel reaches into
	soome newly build binary.  Otherwise, could somebody 
	with a working config -CURRENT binary email it my way.

	(I'm not sure what the lex error is or why is halts 
	the build; possibly the makefile/*mk stuff is set up
	to die at any err.)

	Ideas, guys?  and, tia, of course,


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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