burncd: ioctl(CDIOCSTART): Device busy

David Fleck david.fleck at mchsi.com
Tue Aug 10 05:51:44 PDT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Iain Dooley wrote:
> i tried "fstat -n | grep acd" but no programs appear to be using the
> drive. the light on the CD drive keeps blinking orange too, indicating
> that it is trying to read the drive or something similar, but i have not
> issued any 'mount /cdrom' command.
> any ideas?

More of a question, really.  Why are you using 'fstat -n'?  The -n option 
would appear to print only device numbers, not device names - therefore 
grepping for 'acd' will be fruitless, correct?.

David Fleck
david.fleck at mchsi.com

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