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Tue Aug 3 08:35:34 PDT 2004

> Hi there. :$
> Perhaps it is not a good start for a letter to such an organization, but I hope to be excused (please). And, quite straightforward, i wish to ask you a question. I can't find an answer to it in any FreeBSD FAQ, so - 
> The problem that I have is how to orgainze cluster between (with) a number of FreeBSD AND Linux servers. OR, if that is not suitable, using several FreeBSD servers. I couldn't find any information explaining that variant of using FreeBSD, so here goes the question: 
> are FreeBSD-with-Linux clusters really possible?

Just to be clear:
By cluster, do you mean multiple hosts working on some large computational
problem with message passing, may MPI?    You might check in the ports
to see if there is something to support this sort of thing.  I haven't 
looked, but wouldn't be real surprised.

Go to:

and do some fishing.   Then do some Googling or other searches.

Sounds interesting.
Good luck,


> And, in case of positive answer, here is the next question - where can I find any information about how it will become possible?
> How to make Linux/FreeBSD (preferably), or only FreeBSD servers work together in a cluster?
> Again wishing you all the best and waiting for answer - 
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> P.S. I am sorry for my terrible english.
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