[OT] 64-bit PCI in 32-bit slots??? crazy??

Andrew Sinclair syncman at optusnet.com.au
Sun Aug 1 18:22:53 PDT 2004

Bill Moran wrote:

>I'm inheriting some hardware.
>These boards have 64-bit PCI SATA cards jammed in 32-bit PCI slots.  Oddly
>enough, the boxen boot and start Linux (which will be replaced with FreeBSD
>when I'm done)
>I guess my question is hardware-related.  I mean, I can't believe this
>worked!  Has anyone else seen/done this?  Is this as crazy as it seems to
Please check out this site:


As you will see, PCI-X is up to 533MHz bus speeds now and the standard 
is still backwards compatible with PCI.

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