Installing Netscape question

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Thu Apr 29 13:59:03 PDT 2004

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wrote Stephen Liu thusly...
> $ make search name=netscape | grep netscape

For possibly ever more results, remember to use case insensitive
option, -i, to grep.

> Port:   netscape-communicator-4.78
> Port:   netscape-navigator-4.78

Communicator has browser plus mail, news, and possibly other junk.
Navigator port has/is only the browser.

BTW, about two are listed as being for DEC Alpha.

> Port:   linux-netscape-communicator-4.8
> Port:   linux-netscape-navigator-4.8

These two, w/ corresponding description above, run just fine on
FreeBSD 4/i386, w/ emulators/linux_base* ports & linux compatibility
kernel option/module.

> Port:   netscape7-7.1

This is somewhat like AOL Netscape branded browser w/ Mozilla
engine.  Never used it or care to know anything more.

So, it depends entirely on you if you want the old versions of
Netscape or new, or w/ or w/o  extra baggage.

  - Parv


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