Can FreeBSD do what vmware can do?

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> Subject: Can FreeBSD do what vmware can do?
> Heya..
> If you have a machine with vmware installed.. the machine has one NIC
> connected to a
> network which is using a DHCP server which only allow 1 ip per MAC. You
> start the box
> and you get an IP.. then you install vmware, install another operating
> system on it
> (doesn't really mather which) and set the network device in vmware to
> "bridged" and
> start it.. then the virtual machine in vmware will get it's own IP even if
> the MAC
> restricts 1 ip per MAC..
> Therefore, it IS possible to change/spoof/hide/fake MAC and have a virtual
> NIC.. So my
> question is, how can I do this without vmware and just virtual NIC on my
> system? My idea
> is to have one box infront of all other boxes in my network but yet use
> all 5 ips my ISP
> allow me to have. If I get this work, I can do stats, filter the whole
> network, log
> traffic and so on instead if setting up 5 firewalls, 5 loggers, etc but
> yet have 5
> differet IPs..
> Regards,
> Jesper Wallin

I think IP Aliasing would be what you are looking for, or setting up a
filtering bridge/transparent firewall.

Check out...
- or -

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