Beginning C++ in FreeBSD

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Wed Apr 14 19:56:04 PDT 2004

For beginner level stuff, I personally liked "C++ for Linux in 21 Days"
1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-1388169-2092062?v=glance&s=books).  It really helped me
get the hang of the gcc compiler, and break some nasty habits I had picked
up with Visual Studio 6.  I am also very interested to see if anyone has
better advanced books that they used.

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I will strongly consider your advice.
Tomorrow I'm heading out to barns and noble to pick up
some reading. Any good beginner C books you may

thanks for your time every one!


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> Me wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I've learn shell scripting and java on my freebsd
> box
> >since I migrated from winblows 98 a while back. now
> >i'm ready to move to a more sophisticated language.
> I
> >have decided to go with C++. Is there any bigginer
> >guides online that you may have run a cross that
> would
> >help me get started?
> >
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> I would suggest C before C++.  I took a C class
> after tring C++ on my
> own.  I tought C++ was newer and better.  Actually I
> found it was only
> newer.  It has new features and such, just not
> better because it was an
> extension or expansion to C.  I don't use C++ so I
> am sure there are
> those that would say C++ is better, but I think it
> is only better if it
> suits the job better.  I was told by a friend java
> is very close to C++
> so it maybe a smart move, but anyone coming in fresh
> I would always
> recommend C first.

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