How can I get cvs working with a proxy server?

Dariush linuxteam at
Mon Sep 29 11:00:55 PDT 2003

Its been over a few weeks now after installing freebsd
5.0 and still can not run cvsupdate and portupgrade on
one my servers.

We are behind a firewall and proxy server.

All traffic to the internet uses a proxy server for

I have been searching for ways to try to get the cvs
working from behind the firewall and no one seems to
know how to do it. Or at least I can not find the

The box has full internet access, but I simply can not
have a ping to outside.
i.e ping and or any server on the net
would not work.

but netscape and browsers can get out.

Can any one suggest a solution?

I cann't think that there are so many people out there
asking for this and there is simply no way to do it.

BSD51# cvsup -P m /root/ports-supfile 
Unknown host ""

Tried on a windows machine

cvs -d
:pserver;proxy=;proxyport=8080:anonymous at

cvs [login aborted]: Proxy server does
not support HTTP tunnelling

Do I have the defaultrouter in rc.conf?

yes and again I can get to the internet via browsers

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