strange issues with 4.9-Prerelease

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Sat Sep 27 21:31:59 PDT 2003


[please Cc me when you reply.  I'm not on the list]

I have recently purchased this machine with the
following specs:

ASUS P4P800-VM with onboard NIC (fxp0)
2.4Ghz P4
Intel 10/100B NIC

I've installed 4.9-prerelease on the box [last cvsup
was tonight]

Basically, when I boot the box from home , I get this
error saying: "syslogd: no address assoicated with
hostname"  but then everything else seems to be
okay, including the networking on both NICs...etc.  

The strange problem is that if I move the machine
to the colo, the onboard NIC would not work and I
saw this in dmesg: "fxp0: MII without any PHY"
and the fxp1 was not even detected.  syslogd would
either core dump or gave the same error as the above.

But as soon as I move the machine back, everything
started to work okay except syslogd error message
still would appear

Any hints? Likely a hardware issue or 4.9 pre release
issue or something funny with the power provided
by the colo?


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