Portupgrading ports with individual settings.

Igor B. Bykhalo goshik at binep.ac.ru
Fri Sep 26 00:50:55 PDT 2003

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Subject: Portupgrading ports with individual settings.

> Very neophyte'ish question again, but:
> I currently have Qt installed and now downloaded the distfile for a new
> version. I'd like to compile this new version with the WITHOUT_OPENGL
> option, which isn't the default. If I have portupgrade -ra do this, it will
> use the default settings, I believe. How would I go about this? Should I
> "make deinstall" the currently installed Qt version and then "make
> WITHOUT_OPENGL=yes install" the whole thing? (and then update the rest of
> the software with portupgrade -ra)

You are using portupgrade, so look at /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf,
section MAKE_ARGS, there are some examples.


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