antiviruos for FreeBSD mail server ?

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Thu Sep 25 11:56:38 PDT 2003

On Thursday, September 25, 2003, at 03:39 AM, Armand Passelac wrote:
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> In the community, the Vexira Antivirus seems to have a very very good 
> reputation :
> You can see this article for a good anti-virus list : 

Vexira/Central Command has a habit of astroturfing newsgroups and 
mailing lists attempting to sell their product.  They've made deceptive 
and misleading claims about the performance of their products on 
comp.mail.sendmail and refused to substantiate them.


From: Per Hedeland (per at
Subject: Re: Antivirus and sendmail
Newsgroups: comp.mail.sendmail
Date: 2002-09-16 16:35:06 PST

As I'm sure the faithful readers of this group has noticed, there is
some virus protection software called Vexira MailArmor out there. These
users have posted one or more articles praising it to the group in the
last month:

  Allen Campbell <a.campbell at>
  Bob Culinski <bobk at>
  Chris Jalowski <cj at>
  George Wilson <gwilson at>
  Henrik Stroemer <hstroemer at>
  Jason T. Simon <me at>
  Martin TauerBach <awilshire at>

Looking a bit closer at their postings, I noticed a strange coincidence:
They all use a newsreader called "MicroPlanet Gravity v2.50". Now, I
know nothing about this newsreader, I'm sure it's great - but it doesn't
seem very common among the posters to this group. In fact, out of the
2000+ posts currently in my news spool, only 21 were made using it - and
strangely enough 15 of those talk about the abovementioned software (a
few of them are asking or answering questions about it rather than
praising it).

Or, put another way - if you want to buy virus protection software from
spammers, you know where to find it.

--Per Hedeland
per at

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From: "Chuck Swiger" <chuck at>
Newsgroups: comp.mail.sendmail
Subject: Re: Need to stop viruses from going through Sendmail
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:27:41 +0000 (UTC)

Kelvin Tigg <diespammerdie at> wrote:
> Vexira MailArmor is also priced per domain with something like 5-6K 
> users
> included with a standard license. We chose the an unlimited license 
> for us
> though. Sure we looked at rav antivirus and had some issues with it 
> but I
> see no need to discuss all the problems we had with it here. When we 
> tested
> actual performance of the virus scanning  Vexira clearly is a true
> enterprise class virus scanner for Sendmail. We pumped the test from
> 10-100-1000 msg per second and Vexira had no issues with the volume. I 
> am
> not here to persuade you to use anything I am simply posting our 
> experience
> with Vexira and what we found out.

My dear astroturfing friend, you should probably read the FTC's rules on
advertising and marketing:

What's going to happen is that you are going to identify the hardware 
that you
tested Vexira with "1000 message per second" throughput, as well as 
company you work for, and provide full disclosure of any connections 
you have
with Central Command per section 255.5 "Disclosure of material 

Or a certain company in Ohio is going to learn something about 
Apropos of nothing in particular, if someone was found to have forged
endorsements from, say, "Ford Motor Company", they might also learn 
about how understanding corporate laywers from large companies are, 
having the FTC asking friendly questions.

I look forward to your response,

        Chuck Swiger | chuck at | All your packets are belong 
to us.
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         is to ignore them."  -Celia Green

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