Limit login attempts (how do I do it)

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Subject: Limit login attempts (how do I do it)

> A NB question here.
> I am trying to limit the number of allowed login attempts against my
> FreeBSD box. I cannot find anything for a limit to this other than;
> login-retries=x in the /etc/login.conf. This does not seem to work with
> Release, which is what I am running.
> A nudge to the FM or Man Pages would be helpful.
> Thanks
> Bob

To anyone else looking for this, here's how to change these settings.
They're defined in login.c:

#define TTYGRPNAME      "tty"           /* name of group to own ttys */
#define DEFAULT_PROMPT          "login: "
#define DEFAULT_PASSWD_PROMPT   "Password:"

Unless there's another way to do this, change those variables as desired and
recompile login.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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