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Sergey DoubleF Zaharchenko doublef at tele-kom.ru
Wed Sep 24 09:08:38 PDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 17:11:49 +0200 "radu.florin" <radu.florin at free.fr> probably wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm testing the coexistence of Win95, Linux Slackware and Free BSD 5.1
> on a single physical disk PC ( P133, 16Mo RAM, 3 GO dd).
> Just the time to see if I can boot to the OS I want to use.
> Then to install on a PC with 384 Mo RAM a 40 Go dd
> On the P133 I'm testing, all is working fine with Win and Slack.
> Slack boot lets me go to Win or Linux without any problem.
> I installed also a minimal FreeBSD in good conditions.
> But I have no access at it...
> Slack boot don't see it.
> And if I accept-when installing Free BSD - one of his boots (MBR or SB)
> I can't have no Win, no Slack, neither FreeBSD. It displays the usual 
> choice F1, F2... but no one works (just screaming).
> It seems to be a dd geometry problem.

No. It is the BIOS that seems to be the problem. It might be unable to
do packet interface which is by default required by BootEasy. You could
try booting from a FreeBSD floppy and running

#boot0cfg -o nopacket /dev/ad0BUGS

(replace ad0 with the harddrive). man 8 boot0cfg for details. It says:

man>     Use of the `packet' option may cause `boot0' to fail, depending on the
man>     nature of BIOS support.

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