Simple Make question.

Alexander Haderer alexander.haderer at
Tue Sep 23 06:08:16 PDT 2003

At 14:54 23.09.2003 +0200, Michael Vondung wrote:
>This is one of those questions that label me as a complete neophyte, but,
>how does one specify a paramter for the Make tool?
>When trying to "make install" the port of the Qt version of licq
>(net/licq-qt-gui), a message said that I could compile this port with KDE
>support by defining WITH_KDE. I've tried this with "make WITH_KDE install",
>"make -WITH_KDE install" and "make -WITH_KDE=yes install", but none of these
>worked. How can I achieve this?

"make WITH_KDE=yes install" ?


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