Problems portupgrading KDE 3.1.2->3.1.4

RexFelis catlord17 at
Sun Sep 21 09:36:48 PDT 2003

I attempted a 'portupgrade -aRr', and it
initially failed on QT 3.2, which I was able to
manually fix by deinstalling and then making by
hand.  But another run of 'portupgrade -aRr'
failed on building KDE.  portversion -l "<"
reveals most of the KDE packages and libbonobo
have not been upgraded.  Attempting a portupgrade
of just 'kde' fails as well.  

I have done a script capture of the output and
sent a message, as suggested in that error
response that was captured, to kde at
along with the script capture of the build
attempt, the software installed on my machine,
and the config.log of the subsection that the
build failed in (kdepim).

I am writing here to ask, if I were to send the
longs to this list and ask for help, would it be
possible for someone to help me, or should I just
wait a while (ala the QT/arts problem others have
been having), and, if I could get an answer, how
should I send the logs?  There's over 100kb of
them in those three files.

Right now I am running a hybrid 3.1.2/3.1.4

Thanks for the help.


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