Samba over SSH

Raphaël Marmier raphael at
Sat Sep 20 20:39:16 PDT 2003

Unless you _must_ use samba, try using nfs with tcp connection through 
your vpn. It is much faster  and still reliable.

mount -t nfs -o -T host:/the/path/ /mount/point

will use tcp for transport, thus ensuring you don't suffer problems 
even in the case of a disconnection of the vpn. Of course, the server 
must supprt nfs over tcp (most bsd do that).

We use this to connect to a cvs server and it works great.


Le Dimanche, 21 sep 2003, à 01:52 Europe/Zurich, Brian Dessent a écrit :

> FreeBSD MAIL wrote:
>> I guess the problem I am having is with PuTTY, I am forcing ssh 2 and 
>> putting
>> in the ports and addresses for the client and server as best I can, I 
>> have
>> been able to get VPN to work over pptp, which is cool but I would 
>> prefer using
>> ssh.
>> If you have a copy of putty laying around would you mind trying it?
>> Or even teraterm-ssh, I am reluctant to use cygwin and such because 
>> of the
>> user interface.
> The problem you are going to have is that windows binds its NetBIOS
> stuff to local port 139 et. al. so there's no way to forward them with
> ssh.  The only way to do this is to use a second, non-windows machine 
> on
> your local LAN, and have IT ssh into the remote and then forward 139 
> et.
> al.  After doing that, it will appear to have local shares to the
> windows box.  Alternatively, you could try disabling "File and Printer
> Sharing" on the windows end and try to get whatever is listening on 139
> to stop so that ssh can forward that port... I don't know if that's
> possible or not.
> The VPN method with PPTP (and mpd on the remote FreeBSD end) is what I
> ended up doing.  I finally got it all working finally, and was quite
> disappointed with the speed.  Samba over a broadband link to a server
> very far away was verrrrry sloooow.  If your link is faster you'd
> probably have better luck.
> Brian
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