Recreating a software raid 0+1

Lauren Martinez lautaylo20 at
Tue Sep 16 21:00:35 PDT 2003

Hello All,

I am unsure where to post this.

I have a Maxtor Nas 4000 w/4 drives. It recently took a dive for the worse, maxtor gives no support, except to try to mount it. I tried and was unsuccessful, i consitantly get super block erros.

I was able to get this from Maxtor:

1. os = freebsd 2.05.3068

2. IDE software raid (OS) 0+1


I am unable to mount the drives for partitions, except where the OS lays. The rest are superblock errors. I don't know if I need (and how) to recreate the software raid on a new install of freebsd5.

Please help!

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