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jason jason at
Sun Sep 14 22:10:02 PDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>if i am trying to add my sound card device, and add the line device pcm into 
>kernel do i have to recompile it to make it work and if so how do i recompile?
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You only need to recompile if you want the driver in the kernel.  If you 
check /boot/kernel there are modules that can be loaded dynamicly so you 
never need to reboot to add or upgrade drivers(except for agp).  If you 
have a sound blaster the best bet would be to add the line 
snd_pcm_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf.  This must be done as root.  
This will cause the driver to be loaded at every boot.  Use $kldload 
snd_pcm.ko to load the driver now.  Then use $kldstat to see if the 
driver is loaded.  If that is not the driver you can keep loading and 
unloading, or check the document for which one to load.  If you don't 
care and just want it to work use $kldload snd_driver.ko and 
snd_driver_load="YES".  This will load all the supported sound drivers 
and if your card is supported you should now here the music.  Check the 
handbook for more info and for details on getting multichannel sound if 
you want it, and everything you need to recompile if you want to.

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