Ogg encoding

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun Sep 14 20:08:01 PDT 2003

Todd Stephens wrote:
> I found a port for mp32ogg to convert mp3 to ogg format, but is there a 
> program to convert wav to ogg format?  I like the ogg format, but it 
> seems to me that there will be some data loss going from wav to mp3 and 
> then to ogg.

There will be data loss in converting from mp3 to ogg format because mp3 is 
already using lossy compression.  You want to ogg the original source data, 
although a 44.1 KHz .wav file is basicly raw PCM audio plus a header, anyway.

Anyway, look for something called sox, which is a good sound format converter 


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