Replacement for WinRar?

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sun Sep 14 02:48:56 PDT 2003

         I know that there's a list out there that states xx nix app will 
replace yy windows app (got the bookmark to it.  hehe) but one thing the 
list doesn't tell me is what is a good replacement in nix that does 
everything winrar does.  I love winrar cause it takes all the power of rar 
and puts it into one very simple and easy to use graphical interface.  I'd 
love to be able to do much the same things with rar when I'm in KDE, so I'm 
looking for something other than Ark that would do the trick and be as 
useful as winrar.  Anyone know of any?  Thanks.  Anyone know from 
experience which nix apps will do what I'm wanting to?  The list suggests 
these apps.

1) Ark (kdeutils).
2) <>Gnozip.
3) <>KArchiveur.
4) <>Gnochive.
5) <>FileRoller.
6) <>Unace.
7) LinZip.
8) <>TkZip.

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