samba PDC vs IBM T21 keyboard

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> Hello,
>        I've got a strange (to me at least) problem here.
> I'm running samba (version: samba-2.2.8a) as a PDC on a network. I've
> just joined an IBM T21 WinXP Pro laptop to the domain, which went
> through okay, except for one unexpected factor:
> The T21's keymapping appears to be all crazy. By that, I'd refer you to
> keys U, I, O, P, J, K, L, : and M.
> All of these keys have alternate chars printed on them - for instance
> the "P" has "*" and "O" has a "6", and so on.
> Whenever a user logs onto the domain, these "secondary" chars appear to
> be the ones in use, and what you'd expect for "P" actually gets output
> as the "*" char. This happens regardless of the user that logs in, as
> long as its on the network, then those other chars appear to take
> precedence. This behaviour appears in all applications as well, from M$
> Word to attempts at typing a url into the address bar in IE.
> If I didn't know any better, I'd almost want to suggest that the key
> mapping appears to be that of a regular PS/2 keyboard!
> Has anyone noticed anything like this? If there's any more info I can
> provide, I'm willing to.
> Thanks for the time.
> Regards,
> Stacey
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Sounds like the 10 key function of the keyboard has been enabled.


Micheal Patterson
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