yet another newbie ppp/modem question

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> If your modem is external, maybe you have com1 & com2 disabled in
> the PC bio's.  If PCI modem them and you are not using com1,2 ports
> then you should disable there bio's so modem can use them.  One
> other thing FBSD does not work with winmodems, those cheap modems
> manufactured just for MS/Windows market.  You can use 'TIP' console
> command to talk directly to modem.  If PCI modem check
> /var/run/dmesg.log to see if FBSD found your modem.
> Post more info on what you have done to debug, describe your modem
> type.
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> Subject: yet another newbie ppp/modem question
> I'm having some trouble getting my modem up and running on
> FreeBSD 4.8. A search through the mailing list archives shows
> that many of the problems I've been wrestling with seem to have
> cropped up before, yet I  haven't been able to follow any of the
> discussion to a workable answer.
> My modem is sitting on cuaa2 and I needed to re-compile my kernel
> to recognize that port. I did this and everything went fine,
> although I am getting the dreaded "sio5: configured irq 2 not in
> bitmap of probed irqs 0" error which I haven't found a solution
> for in any documentation or discussion.

Have a look at this tutorial: <URL:>  Since the 
article was written, an additional requirement has been added in order to 
connect to the Internet using dialup: the dialup user must be added to the 
"dialer" group.


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