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Tue Sep 9 08:02:46 PDT 2003

Hey There,
As has been already pointed out most modern mail software
includes the ability to filter relaying using POP before
SMTP. Most ISP's at least where I am use it. I use it
personally. I would think that an MTA as popular as postfix
would certainly have some components that can be tweaked to
fit your situation but in the *highly unlikely* event that
postfix cannot accomodate you perhaps you could consider
implementing some kind of webmail solution ie Squirrelmail
or some such to accomplish your task. Webmail can be the
handiest thing to have when you are in an airport with an
Internet Cafe and your laptop is in the cargo hold of an

**Just my two cents worth**



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> Hi all,
> I need to provide an SMTP service to someone who travels
around thie
> world. I can't do this with a specific IP address, as they
use a variety
> of ISP's in different locations.
> To this end, I'd like to setup authenticated SMTP,
preferably using
> postfix.
> I've had a look in the postfix faq and it was a bit vague
on this point.
> In merely said that you need to force the user to
authenticate against a
> pop server first, that maintains a postfix compatible
access table.
> Can anyone point me to a document that explains what pop
servers might
> be suitable for this task and how to go about setting up
> authentication ?
> Regards,
> --
> Wayne Pascoe
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