802.11g and FreeBSD based access point ...

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Mon Sep 8 07:42:32 PDT 2003

Matthias Teege wrote:

> "Vledder, Hans" <Hans_Vledder at nl.compuware.com> writes:
>> I am considering building a 802.11g FreeBSD access point. I've read that
>> I will need a network adapter that supports hostap (access point mode).
>> Does anyone known a brand/model (PCI) that's being supported by FreeBSD ?
> Netgear PCI Cards (401a?) are supported but this may change.

Look for something with an Atheros chipset. See the ath man page for details:


You'll have to run -CURRENT to drive it though. ath was added after 5.1-RELEASE.

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