remote desktops?!!!

KroNiC~BSD kronic_bsd at
Wed Sep 3 14:52:37 PDT 2003

I would like to use my freebsd and windows desktops remotly. I tried
TightVNC but found it too slow for me, even on a 10mbps lan with all the
tricks etc.. such as compression. I would think it would be unusable over
a modem. I found Rdesktop and it does work nice to talk to my XP machine
but the image is only 8-bit and would be better at say 24-bit. Is MS
remote desktop encrypted, i have not even checked it yet ,,if not maybe
their is a way to do rdesktop over ssh to the windows machine. Is there
other good solutions such as VNC but faster?

Now, whats the best "Open Src" way to have a remote NIX* X-server
session.  I would like to use my freebsd desktop when i am traveling to
check email, surf the web and maybe use myplayer to watch a movie or play
a MP3.  I was thinking of using the X protocol but heard it was too slow
and very bandwidth hundry. Is the latter correct?  I would also like to
not only view my Freebsd computer from another nix* machine but also from
a windows box, is there a windows X client?  

Anyways, i would appreciate some guidance and some input on other apps
for remote management etc.. that i might want to look at.

PS: The freebsd and XP machine at home are connected via a cable modem,
and when traveling i usually have a 56k or dsl connection to the

Thanks in advance.
  kronic_bsd at

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