PPP and the backslash-containing AT command in ppp.conf

Michael Vondung michael at vcommunities.net
Mon Sep 1 08:38:16 PDT 2003

Malcolm wrote:

> Sould work if you use '\\\\', that is: AT&F\\\\N9
> which the first interpretation reduces to: AT&F\\N9

Thank you! This worked indeed. After an hour of frustrating fiddling I also
figured out that the string I needed for this particular ISP was AT&F\N10
rather than AT&F\N9  -- and yet another hour later I managed to figure out
that my user name needed to be in a different format (very cryptic and well
hidden on the ISP's pages) than the one used in the ISP's dialer software
for Windows. (User PPP is almost too verbose.)

So, PPP now connects just fine. The only problem is that FreeBSD doesn't
recognise this connection as its primary connection to the Internet. Up
until this point, the FreeBSD box used the shared Internet connection of a
Windows XP system (a situation I'm attempting to reverse). Even when the PPP
connection is established, "ping", "traceroute", etcetera go via the LAN to
the XP box ... and time out because the XP machine doesn't have an active
connection to the Internet. Probably off topic under this subject line, but
would you know where I should start looking?


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