pop3 and socket 110

Robin Schoonover end at endif.cjb.net
Sun Oct 26 17:34:34 PST 2003

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 17:23:34 -0800, Gary Kline <kline at thought.org> wrote:
> 	Trying to install a GUI MUA has me wedged ... and lost!!
> 	I've been trying to get the mozilla mail/news suite to 
> 	work for a long time--well, on and off!  I finally
> 	installed cucipop on NS1.THOUGHT.ORG and tried to start it.
> 	root at ns1:/usr/local/etc/rc.d#        /usr/local/libexec/cucipop -Y
> 	cucipop: Can't bind socket 110

Something is probably already listening on port 110.  Check sockstat -l (if
it's FreeBSD, or check to see if something in inetd is grabbing it...).

> 	NS1 had a valid IP address; my two other systems are internal,
> 	private, invisible from the outside.  At any rate, after some
> 	pondering I altered the 'news and mail' configuration.  Voila;
> 	mail *is* sent out (in HTML).  But not received... (???)
> 	/var/mail/kline is my spool; mozilla can't see this for some
> 	reason.  

mozilla doesn't know about these sort of mailboxes.  It only knows about
imap and pop3.

> 	evolution refuses to build because some of the GNOME libs
> 	won't upgrade.  (Of my 400 ports, just 11 seem broken.)
> 	Can anybody recommend a GUI mail program that doesn't have
> 	so many dependencies?

portupgrade might help your GNOME libs upgrade.  Anyhow, I use
sylpheed-claws (basically the more cutting edge version of sylpheed).

> 	1.) Do I really need pop3? 

If you want to use mozilla.

> 	2.) How do I get the mozilla mail to recognize the mail in my spool
> 	dir?

You probably don't.

>	3.) What is a decent MUA?

that's debatable.  I consider what I use to be decent :P 

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