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Michael Perry mperry at
Fri Oct 31 21:23:02 PST 2003

HI all-

I recently did my first make buildworld make installworld and it went
very well.  The howto stuff is very handy :).  My question though
probably has two parts or so so I'll try to elaborate them a bit.  I
have been using the linux-mozilla 1.4 port a lot so I can take advantage
of the plugins.  The one thing I have found with linux-base 8 is that
the java plugins don't work and have a common error which I have seen
with glibc or other problems.  Can one install two different linux-base
versions?  I would like to go to linux-base 6 so I can get the java
plugin working in linux-mozilla.  I don't see a java version which works
with linux-base 8 and will work as a plugin.  Any issues with having two
versions of linux base installed or should I just deinstall the version
8 and install the linux base 6 stuff?

Secondly, I managed to get apm and sound working on the same little dell
laptop.  Its a dell latitude ls.  But suspending seems problemmatic if
the system sits too long.  Often its locked down completely and requires
a reboot.  Running the appropriate apm command seems to indicate that it
should do resume. I think perhaps its an issue with the laptop's apm
implementation in the bios since a few things don't work on it.  Like it
never tells me how much time is left.  On my newer dell Inspiron I4100
running Debian linux, apm is pretty good.

Thanks for all the great answers to the questions I read while lurking
here :)

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