Problem with ADSL modem

Cameron Murdoch cam at
Thu Oct 30 17:03:54 PST 2003


I am having a problem with the X-Modem product sold by:

This is a USB or ethernet adsl modem that is by default supposed to work 
in a half-bridge mode, where the IP address assigned from the DSL 
provider is passed directly to the connected computer.  This appears to 
be the same system that cable modem providers use, (in the uk at least).

The problem is that BSD doesn't seem to like it.  It gets the right IP 
address via DHCP, from the router, (of course this is the external IP 
relayed through), but then it can't perform the required arp lookup's.

Here is the dhclient lease:

lease {
   interface "ep0";
   fixed-address a.b.c.d;
   option subnet-mask;
   option routers a.b.c.d;
   option dhcp-lease-time 108;
   option dhcp-option-overload 3;
   option dhcp-message-type 5;
   option domain-name-servers,;
   option dhcp-server-identifier;
   option broadcast-address;

Note that the interfaces IP is the same as the default route.  Although 
the IP is assigned nothing else works and the following errors are 
logged constantly:

Oct 25 11:24:18 dozy /kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on 
local network
Oct 25 11:24:18 dozy /kernel: arplookup a.b.c.drt failed: host is not on 
local network
Oct 25 11:24:18 dozy /kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for 
a.b.c.drt is the IP of the adsl modem.

I have tried manually adding the right arp entries but with no luck. 
This system works with windows, and the cable modems I mentioned earlier 
work flawlessly with BSD, tho I can't see what is different.  Anybody 
have any ideas on what I can try or is this a lost cause?



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