Gathering required packages

Timms, Simon STimms at
Tue Oct 28 12:58:50 PST 2003

I'm taking a class right now on system administration.  Being a lover of
FreeBSD my server box in the lab runs FreeBSD 5.1 release; alone amongst a
sea of linux and Solaris.  

I need to setup apache, postresql and mod_php4 on the box.  This is simple
enough usually, however the lab does not yet have any sort of internet
access.  So I was thinking that I would take in a CD of packages built from
my system at home using 'make package'.  The problem is that the dependency
tree for apache+postgresql+mod_php is huge.  Is there any quick way to
gather up and package all of the dependencies?

Are there any gotchas I should be aware of in taking packages built from my
home machine to another machine?  They are both 5.1 release on i386.

My thanks for your help,


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