disappearing email?

Joseph Koenig joe at jwebmedia.com
Mon Oct 27 08:42:35 PST 2003

I have a client with a POP account on my server. Their main connection to
the internet is via AOL. Some messages (not all) that they send out via this
POP account (through my SMTP) never reach the server at all. They never
bounce back, but never hit the server. I've sat in front the computer,
checked the outlook settings, deleted and re-created the outlook settings,
etc. That is all correct. The only thing I'm starting to notice is that if
they send an e-mail with 1 address in the "TO:" line, it has better luck
than if there are multiple addresses in the "TO:" line, however, that
doesn't seem to affect things always. I had a client with this problem in
the past - we took them off of AOL and moved them to a local dial-up
provider. After that, there were no missing e-mails. I wondered if anyone
else had encountered a similar problem, and if they ever found out what the
culprit was. I hate telling my clients, "Don't use AOL" without a reason for
the disappearing e-mail. Thanks,


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