Basic printing setup

David Lodeiro dlodeiro at
Mon Oct 20 02:57:02 PDT 2003

> I've never gotten around to setting up printing from
> my FreeBSD machine--the discussion in the Handbook is
> rather frightening--and now that I've decided I should
> probably give it a try, I find that the Handbook doesn't
> even let me get started.
> I have two situations for this computer (a laptop
> running FreeBSD-4.8). I have a home network that
> has an older (non-Ethernetted) HP LaserJet 6MP; this
> is attached to the network via an AsanteTalk AppleTalk-
> Ethernet bridge. The Macs on the network (OSX and 8.6)
> can all see the printer. What do I need to do to print
> to this printer from my FreeBSD machine when it's on
> the network?
> In the second case, I just have a desktop printer--
> some HP color thing, the 990 I think--that only has a
> USB connection. The Handbook doesn't mention USB
> printing at all.
> In both cases I'm not looking to do anything fancy,
> none of this user-accounting or header-pages stuff.
> I just want to be able to send jobs to the printer
> and have them come out. I guess I'd also be curious
> how to select one or the other, or more if they were
> added to the network. Thanks for any pointers on
> how to accomplish this.
> Jesse Sheidlower
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Try apsfilter in the ports collection, I found it the easiest way to set up 
printing under freebsd, I;d seuggest hooking the printer up directly to the 
freebsd box and setting up printing there first, and then  tacling the 
network setup. Thats what I would do anyway.

Hope it helps


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