Correcting my own msg (was Sanity and /var/tmp)

wolfie at wolfie at
Sun Oct 19 12:53:00 PDT 2003

On Sunday 19 October 2003 12:36 pm, I sent a message with a few ugly 

It should have read: 
>  This may be an incredibly stupid question. Nevertheless I'm gonna 
>   Is it safe and sane in a RELENG_5_1 system to create and use
> /var/ tmp via a script in /etc/rc.local:
>  	[no entry in FSTAB]
>  	mdconfig -a -t swap -s ... -u 10
>  	newfs -O2 /dev/md10
>  	mount /md10 /var/tmp
>  	chmod 1777 /var/tmp
>  <snip>

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