Problem/question on second NIC (SMC 9452TX) on 5.1- CURRENT

Scott W wegster at
Sun Oct 19 12:02:06 PDT 2003

Hey all- if anyone could point me in the right direction here, I'd 
appreciate it.
Asus BP6
Dual Celeron 366
1st NIC (fxp0) in at time of install- Intel Pro/100

I'm trying to add an SMC gigabit enthernet NIC, model 9452TX into the 
Running a current snapshot from within the past few days, recompiled SMP 
kernel with 'sn' support (SMC 9XXX) cards.
I ran /stand/sysinstall, let it re-probe 
devices/Configure/Networking/Interfaces, but neither it nor dmesg output 
seems to see the
new card.

I'm done the normal searching on the subject, but don't seem to be 
getting anywhere here- can anyone point me to documentation on how to 
get this NIC recognized and configured?



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