PPP dialin server (-direct) won't route traffic - sets incorrect gateway on PC

Andrew Thomas ath101a at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 18 15:52:43 PDT 2003

I'm trying allow a dialin connection to my 4.8-STABLE
box (although I've tried with my 5.1-CURRENT box with
the same results) via userland ppp.

The modem can connect just fine and I can login to the
machine.  I then start ppp.  However, no matter how I
setup ppp, I cannot get the routing to work.  Yes, the
server side HAS 'gateway_enable="YES"' in rc.conf (the
machine routes for my network already).

I started with an old ppp config file that used to work.
It doesn't anymore.  So, I started following the handbook
pages - even verbatim.  But, the PC side always ends up
with something similar to the following:

Active Routes:

  Network Address          Netmask  Gateway Address        Interface 

Notice that there is no 'next hop' (that is always the case,
not matter what ppp.conf looks like).  The gateway address is
*always* the PC address, not the server.  How can the packets
go anywhere with settings like that?  It feels like there's a
bug in ppp where it sends the wrong address to the PC for what
its gateway will be.

Am I missing something?  I've done this before - it was
working fine up until early-ish last year - and it was
a piece of cake.  Now though, I can't get it to work to
save my life.

Can anyone help?  It would be appreciated.



ps A long time ago I sent email to Brian about this but I never
got a response.

pps For completeness...


  set log All
  allow users dialin
  set timeout 0
  enable dns
  accept dns
  deny pap
  disable pap
  deny chap
  disable chap
  disable lqr
  deny lqr
  set ifaddr


  add netmask HISADDR

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