ports security updates branch

Antoine Jacoutot ajacoutot at lphp.org
Fri Oct 17 06:35:21 PDT 2003

Matthew Seaman wrote:
>>However, is there a way to know if one of my installed packages has a 
>>security alert ? I guess not... but we never know...
> Subscribe to freebsd-security at ... -- FreeBSD security notices cover
> problems with ported applications, as do security alerts when the
> software in question appears in both ports and the base system.

I am subscribed :)
Whenever I use an OS in production, this is the first thing I do...

> Security notices tend to come out fairly infrequently

Yes, it seemed like it.
Ok then, I guess I'll subscribe to one og the security lists on the Net.
The thing is that it is again a bit more work since I have a lot of 
servers to admin and they don't all have the same softwares installed.



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