Third Party Patches that link to OpenSSL

Matthew Luckie mjl at
Thu Oct 16 16:10:38 PDT 2003


I've written an OpenSSL plugin for gaim that allows gaim to use the 
OpenSSL libraries that come installed with FreeBSD.  Gaim is a GPL 
application, OpenSSL is BSD licensed, and apparently there are license 
issues to deal with as a result.

They've said that unless the gaim project sanctions the use of OpenSSL 
with their code, that I should not release the code.  Apparently that 
would require contacting all of the prior developers to get their 

Is this the case, or can I safely release a third party patch that gaim 
does not depend on to run or compile?  The maintainer of gaim on FreeBSD 
is quite keen to use the patch.


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