Soundcard config issue

David Kelly dkelly at
Sat Oct 11 11:50:27 PDT 2003

On Saturday 11 October 2003 01:01 pm, andy at wrote:
> I recently installed 5.1 release in a box that has a Creative Labs
> model # CT4810 soundcard.  I believe this card is sold as Sound
> Blaster PCI, which is supported according to the pcm(4) man page. 
> The following line is from dmesg output:
> pci0: <multimedia, audio> at device 9.0 (no driver attached)
> What does this mean, how can I configure it?  Detailed instructions
> would be really appreciated.  Thanks in advance...

Its way too early to start building kernels to shoot for the proper 
drivers for your sound card. Use the KLD modules first to figure out 
what is needed, its much faster. Almost instant. Then rather than build 
the drivers into the kernel you might elect to load the modules 
automatically at boot.

% su
# kldload snd_driver

See if your sound card now works. Easy test is to type "mixer", if it 
doesn't complain then a driver was found. "Snd_driver" loads every 
sound driver, which "works" but is a bit excessive. We don't care about 
being excessive and wasteful when trying to get things working the 
first time but I don't think you want to use snd_driver all the time.

If you get the card working with snd_driver (as I expect you will) then 
study /var/log/messages and dmesg(8) for hints as to what driver found 
hardware it liked. Then try to associate that with the modules listed 
with kldstat(8). Can use "kldunload snd_driver" to remove everything. 
Verify mixer(8) no longer works. Then use kldload(8) to install the 
module you think is needed. Verify with mixer(8).

For me, snd_es137x is correct. Placed this line in /boot/loader.conf to 
load it (early) at boot:


snd_es137x depends on snd_pcm and will automatically pull it in too.

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