FreeBSD on a Mac G3?

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Fri Oct 10 09:03:26 PDT 2003

While there is a Ports system for Darwin/OS X, called GNUDarwin, avoid 
it, as it is notorious for breaking the basic OS install without asking.

Fink is a better alternative, it's pretty much a port of the Debian 
package management system, with somewhat improved source handling. As it 
dumps all downloaded software in /sw, it doesn't break the base install. 
Very nifty. Works very well.

OS X + Fink is a greak little OS, especially if you use 10.2 with 
Apple's X11 server. I run that on my old Beige G3, and it's quite decent.


Brian McCann wrote:
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> 	This may be a bit off topic, but does anyone know of a "real",
> current version of FreeBSD that will run on a G3 Mac?  I've looked at
> both Net & OpenBSD, but I'd rather stick with one OS for all my PCs. 
> I know, that Darwin is basically the same thing as FreeBSD and that
> very little has changed...but one of the main reason I love FreeBSD
> is because of the ports collection.  Has anyone tried downloading the
> ports collection on a Darwin system and tried building anything?
> Thanks,
> - --Brian
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