Unable to install

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Tue Oct 7 06:16:43 PDT 2003

skisen <sanjay.kisen at alcatel.com> writes:

> I have FreeBSD 4.5 Feb 2002.
> I had 4GB quantum harddisk. I had Installed the above version of FreeBSD
> along with Windows2000 and Linux.
> I had no problems and all the three OS were running fine.
> Now I upgraded my system with 60GB seagate harddisk.
> I created 4 partitions of 20GB, 20GB,10GB,10GB.
> I installed windows2000 followed by Linux and FreeBSD.
> After Installation at each stage i Found Windows running fine, Linux
> also. Finally I found BSD installation was succesful. But migrating to
> BSD was not possible.
> Is there any way I can overcome this problem?

Probably.  But we can't tell unless you tell us what the problem
actually is.  What happens when you try to boot FreeBSD?

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