Turning off that bloody nagscreen on bittorrent!

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at voyager.net
Mon Oct 6 19:03:36 PDT 2003

	Anyone know if there's a special switch or something on the Freebsd 
BitTorrent port or some way to go inside the python script and shut off 
that bloody nag stuff he's got built into his new version 3.3?  It's 
driving me up a freaking wall.  It loads, gags the client, displays the 
"give me money" browser window, then leaves me stuck with a dead process I 
can't kill cause I can't tell if it's one I wanna keep or not, and I have 
to try 2-3 times or more to open one stupid torrent file because the writer 
is bound and determined to make me donate to him in order to stop it.

	Can someone tell me how to disable that so I can download via BT in peace 
like with the old version?  Either that or give me the link to the old 
package so I can return to using that.  New features or not, this nag 
screen stuff is pathetically annoying.  Asking on first time use would be 
ok, but not every FREAKING time.  Sorry for the rant guys.  This has my 
feathers a bit flustered.

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