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Fri Oct 3 07:43:59 PDT 2003

Joseph Koenig wrote:
> I know this is an issue that comes up a lot, but I wanted to get an opinion
> from some people on the list. We, along with everyone else, have TONS of
> SPAM hit our server. Unfortunately, we haven't found any good way to reduce
> it. We're using ORDB and SpamCop, but neither are really doing the job.
> We're a small small company (7 employees) with about 100 mailboxes on the
> server. We don't mind paying for a service that works, but we are certainly
> on a tight budget. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
> Currently, we're using Sendmail, although we're considering (and testing) a
> switch to PostFix. TIA for any advice,
> Joe
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How about spamassassin ?
It works great here and catches about 95% of the spam hitting us.

Rob Evers

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