FreeBSD Motherboard survey...

paul beard paulbeard at
Fri Nov 21 11:39:13 PST 2003

On Nov 21, 2003, at 9:53 AM, Philip Hallstrom wrote:

> Hi all -
> 	I'm wanting to build my own computer to run FreeBSD, but don't
> have the slightest idea (well, maybe the slightest :) what motherboard 
> to
> buy.  I'd like one that has built-in lan/audio that works in FreeBSD, 
> but
> in my searching efforts I've turned up very little.
> I know the handbook lists chip sets and whatnot, but trying to figure 
> out
> what chip set is on a given board isn't always easy -- at least not 
> for me.
> So... I wrote a survey app that I'm hoping lots of you will fill out.  
> It
> let's you pick the brand/model of motherboard, then indicate what 
> onboard
> features work (lan, audio, video, usb, firewire, ide, sata, scsi, raid,
> smp), lets you provide some overall "satisfaction" ratings, and then
> provide any additional comments.
> As a side effect you can input your laptop information which seems to 
> be a
> frequently asked source of questions.
> If I get enough responses I'd like to expand this to include other 
> things
> such as DVD players, USB peripherals, etc. that have varying levels of
> support in FreeBSD.  Perhaps turn it into a companion to the 
> document...
> Anyway.. here it is:

This is very nice, and I think it will be helpful to a lot of people 
who want to move to FreeBSD. I especially like the idea of laptop users 
being able to contribute. This is a topic that has come up many times 
on the mobile@ list and I think a structured form where components can 
be detailed (works/broken) is a great idea.

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