updating 4.8->4.9 did it take?

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Thu Nov 13 23:13:19 PST 2003


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Just so we get this right, you cvsup'd 4.9-RELEASE and then ran

I might be out to lunch but I think you are going in two different
directions. cvsup'ing down source and then upgrading is a good way but as
far as I know does not require /stand/sysinstall. Please someone correct
me if I am wrong.

If you are cvsup'ing 4.9-RELEASE sources to your computer you need to
follow the directions that go along with this means of upgrading. You can
view them here:


This is AFTER you have cvsup'd the 4.9-RELEASE (or whatever sources you
choose) down to your system.

If you really like sysinstall and want to use that, I believe your best
bet is to create installation meda, floppies or a CD-ROM, and reboot it
with these. Selecting UPGRADE is probably a good bet for you.

As well when you do your upgrade at some point you will have to reboot,
which if everything has gone well, will replace the 4.8 kernel with a new 
4.9-RELEASE kernel. IOW -- You should see the 4.9-RELEASE login banner.

Hope this helps.


 On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Ronny Hippler wrote:

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> 	I just went through updating via cvsup and then did it through
> rebuilt the kernal but it still states v4.8 when I log in. What am I
doing wrong?
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