Routing problems

Dimitris Xochellis jimxoch at
Tue Nov 11 10:43:20 PST 2003

Dear list members,

I have two subnets (10.X.X.X and 193.X.X.X) on the
same physical network (ethernet). Subnet 10.X.X.X has
its own 10.R.R.R router, which is forwarding packets
to the internet (via DSL),  Subnet 193.X.X.X has also
its own 193.R.R.R router which is also forwarding
packets to the internet (via a very slow analogical
connection), The 193.R.R.R router is a FreeBSD(i386)
4.7 - RELEASE box.

What I need, is to forward some of the packets
(depending on the final destination) of the 193.X.X.X
subnet to the 10.R.R.R router via the 193.R.R.R

193.X.X.X ---> 193.R.R.R ---> internet
10.X.X.X ---> 10.R.R.R ---> internet                  

I am using two ethernet cards on the 193.R.R.R and its
network configuration follows:

network_interfaces="rl0 rl1 lo0"
ifconfig_rl0="inet 193.R.R.R  netmask"
ifconfig_rl1="inet 10.A.A.A  netmask"


The result is that the 193.R.R.R router can access
both subnets but cannot forward packet from the one to
the other. The situation does not get any better even
if I add the following lines:

route_ adsl ="-net  target_subnet  10.R.R.R"

In all cases we have static routes and routed is

My questions are:
1) Is it appropriate/feasible to use routing in this
case, where we don't have physically separated
subnets? If not, what should be used instead?
2) Any hints, corrections or pointers to the docs?
Thanks in Advance
Jim Xohellis

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